Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sick Days.....:( take 3

Well, Ezekiel is fever-free today and he never did show any other symptoms.  He's been really tired, but I'm wondering if a growth spurt and cutting teeth and getting sick didn't all converge at the same time.  I'd be pooped, too!  (What am I saying?....I AM pooped!:)  Zekey woke up last night instead of Braden.  Its interesting how they take turns.;p  

Braden still has a fever, but it is low grade so I think he's almost done.  He still has a cough and a snotty nose, but the medicine seems to be taking care of that very well. He is staying very active.  Right now he is outside in a tree.  He went and got our step stool and pulled it over to a tree that has low branches and just climbed right up in there!  He's so funny!  It'll be interesting to see how Zekey goes about climbing up tree.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be fever-free all around and much sleep will be had tonight and we'll be able to get out and about.........  

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rachel (vanillafrog) said...

Hey! I hope your boys feel better today!