Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 17

Well, in the end I did end up getting induced. Yep, I just couldn’t handle another week of being in so much pain. I was already a week overdue and so told them to schedule me in. Apparently, they want you there at 6 in the morning, but I arranged to be there by 9am. I wasn’t getting any sleep at that time and the little I did get was from about 4 til 7/8 ish. I wasn’t about to go on no sleep trying to labor! We dropped Braden off at daycare and the plan was for Sam to go and get him unless his Nina made it in time to go get him. Anyway, after almost getting canceled because of a mix up, we made it there and I met everyone who was going to be taking care of me while I was induced. I did not want to be induced with pitocin/oxytocin. I just wanted them to break my water and let the rest happen on its own. laid plans. My little Zekey wasn’t even engaged yet (his head wasn’t planted in my cervix), so they couldn’t just break my water. There would have been to great a risk that the umbilical cord would have come out first. So, oxytocin it was. They started the drip at 9:30 and had to increase it consistently until about 4:30pm when my contractions were strong enough. I was laughing and watching movies and stuff. (It really didn’t hurt. It was a little uncomfortable.) I think that Donna (Nina) came in just then with Braden. Then at about 5:05 the doctor came in and broke my water. Out went Nina with Braden. She took him for a walk in the hallway. Immediately, the next contraction took my breath away! The nurse walked out and I started yelling that I had to push. It was crazy! Everyone came rushing in and I was in the birthing zone after that. After plenty of screaming and yelling and 45 mins of pushing, out came my wonderful Zekers. I found out that his shoulder had gotten stuck and that was the most difficult push I had. It was amazing to feel the whole thing without an epidural. The ring of fire wasn’t as prominent, though still felt. The main thing was an overwhelming relief when he came out. The same for the placenta. All the pressure was gone. Woo-hoo! Seriously, I don’t know what hurt more, the delivery of my son or the part where the doctor had to stitch me up. I had to be stitched up with Braden, too, but I didn’t tear in any of the same spots! The doctor numbed me where he could, but I felt most of it. I don’t numb well and there were a few spots he couldn’t deaden. Yeah, that was painful. It took a long time, too. I remember thinking, “Isn’t he done, yet?!” ;) Finally, everything was stitched up and cleaned up and I was holding my Zekey! He was bruised all around his forhead because I had pushed him out so fast! He had a perfectly round head for the same reason. He just wasn’t in the birth canal long enough to get a cone head. Sam got to hold him before he went to sleep that night! :p I got to nurse right away and he took to it like a champ. Afterwards, Donna sat down with Braden and Ezekiel and it was so sweet to watch Braden meet his new brother and Ezekiel, his Nina. We spent a little more time together and then Donna took Braden back home for the night. It was strange to be at the hospital with my new son while my Braden-boy went home without me.

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