Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 8

Anyway, then I went out to the time share. On the way, I stopped at Taco Bell and got my staple food during this pregnancy: bean burritos. We got there and everything was fine until everyone went to sleep. Now, just as a warning, I’m going to be very honest here, but please remember this is my perspective and I was pregnant. When I am pregnant, I don’t handle things the same way as I do when I’m not. I’ll try to explain as I go so you know what I’m talking about.

The way the sleeping arrangements were: Ben, Jen and their boys in one room; Grandmommie and Mollie in the other bed in the other room; Mollies son on the couch and I think at that point Braden was going to sleep in there with him...I can’t remember for sure; Sam’s parents on the living room floor on an air mattress and me in the room with Mollie and Grandmommie on the floor on the other air mattress. First of all, I wasn’t expecting that, but it would have been okay had the plastic smell of the air mattress not overwhelmed me. Then the sheets had a very strong perfum-y smell. I was starting to get a little nauseated, but it wasn’t beyond control yet. We all went to sleep and then all of a sudden Braden woke up crying. I went in and got him and put him in bed with me. (This was not a normal occurrence. I can’t sleep with my kiddos in my bed.) Also, about this time the air mattress started to get really cold from being on the floor. There were also middle of the night potty breaks that were not quiet coupled with plenty of loud snoring. Basically, all of that and just being on a bouncy bed which Braden kept rolling off of kept me awake pretty much the entire night. Now, preggos NEED sleep. There’s no if, ands, or buts about that! On top of the whole special condition that I wasn’t all the way done with yet, no sleep was not a good thing to add to the pile. Let’s just say, the next morning was not pleasant.

I tried to take a nap, but with so many people in one place, that just wasn’t gonna happen. I got worse and worse. I was able to eat some breakfast, but a little later, it came back up. Yep, I was like,”OH, NO, NOT AGAIN!” I took up residence on the couch until after lunch when I was actually starting to feel a bit better. I got out and played a little putt-putt with Braden. That was really funny to watch. Everything went okay for the rest of the day. At this point, I should have either gone back to my sister’s house for the night or gone on to my mom and dad’s, but I didn’t. I tried to make it work. That night just got worse and worse. I started out feeling super exhausted and a little queasy. The sleeping conditions were the same as the night before except we moved into the living room. (I thought the floor might be warmer because it was wood in there vs. the stone in the bedroom. It wasn’t.) Finally, I got up and went to the bathroom to throw up for the first of many times that night. The next morning it didn’t get any better. More, more, more...

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