Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 18

Then the fun began. In came my night nurse to get me out of the bed to go to the bathroom. That was not fun. My pelvis felt like it had been split apart, which is what actually happened. I could hardly walk it hurt so bad. Urinating wasn’t any better. All those stitches just burned!!!! The water from the peri bottle wasn’t much better. Also, my stomach was so weak that I couldn’t compensate for my pelvis to get myself out of bed. I think it was a good three days before I didn’t need help getting in and out of bed. I will never understand why you are constantly woken up at night in the hospital. I know they want to make sure that everything is okay, but waking up the baby and the mom is NOT a good thing. Zekey had several bowel movements after he was born and he was urinating just fine. He got his circumcision done on the second day of his life and we were not invited to be there with him. They told us the room was not big enough to fit us all in. We found out later that was not true. He did come back after only a short time. With Braden we had to apply vaseline every time we changed him, it was terrible to see how red and irritated his little penis was! When Zekers came back, his had a cap on it. I was not familiar with this. It looked terrible, but we didn’t have to do anything to it. It just eventually fell off and all was well. I think I like that way better. We only stayed in the hospital for about two days. I don’t think I could have taken not getting any sleep one more day! Getting in the truck was painful, but once in, I was fine. I didn’t ride in the back seat with Ezekiel like I did with Braden because I couldn’t pull myself up. Plus, he just slept the whole way home and Sam and I got to talk. It was wonderful.

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