Monday, May 12, 2008

Ezekiel's Birth Story - pt. 12

Remember when I said earlier that I figured out why I suddenly got better once I got home? Yeah, it was because I was missing Sam in a terrible way! I’m not kidding. When I’m preggo, I turn into Weirdo Emotional Lady from the Twilight Zone! Don’t get me wrong. Normally,meaning when I’m not pregnant, when Sam and I have to spend time apart, I really miss him and am glad when we are all home together again. But...I don’t start throwing up because he’s not there! Apparently that was how I was handling his not being there this time around.

Well, I showed up at their house and asked if they minded me spending the night, too. Of course they were super gracious. Then, when I explained what was going on they were very concerned. I did indeed throw up twice that night, but by the morning I was fine again and raring and ready to head home. Yep, had to cut that visit short. Again, when I made it home....I was fine! Such a crazy cycle that I was on!  Keep on truckin'!

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