Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sick days.....:( take .....who knows anymore!

We are still trying to get rid of this crud!  It does get a little better everyday, but this has been a process that's for sure.  The boys and I are still congested and coughing, but no more fevers abound.  YAY!  We are all very tired and need some good sleep.  Hopefully that will happen over the next few days as I don't plan on doing much of anything!  hehehehe  I honestly think that at this point the virus has been defeated and we are strictly dealing with allergies.  East Texas is notorious for providing allergic response by keeping lots of lovely pollen, dust, mold, mildew, etc in the air!  Go Flonase, Go Flonase, Get really... get busy!   I think it'll kick in soon and this will be over before we know it!  Thank you for your prayers!  They have been much appreciated and I believe have worked wonders:)

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lil' miss martha stewart said...

hope you guys get better soon.