Friday, May 23, 2008

What a way to make it through labor!

WARNING:  Please be advised.  Before you take a look at this, you need to know that this video is of a lady in labor.  She is not undressed, but you can see her very pregnant belly fully as she is wearing a sports bra and a sarong.  It does not show her pushing out the baby, it is just her singing through her labor pains.  If you are a man, I would recommend NOT watching this if you have issues in this area.  (Men are very visual beings and don't need the added stimulus!)  Please keep yourself protected!  Thanks:)

My friend Emily emailed me the link to this youtube video.  I wanted to post this because I am in awe of how this lady is handling her labor.  Not to mention she has a truly amazingly beautiful voice.  As a screamer myself, it just gives me a renewed sense of hope that I can handle any future labors differently than I have in the past:) Okay, enjoy.

Also, if you are interested the song is Psalm 23 by Michael Olson off of his Long Arm of Love Album.  You can buy the song off of iTunes for $0.99.  :)

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james said...

I watched these on you tube. super cool- I should post some of my labor with Cagey on my blog. I wasn't singing, but I was sure having an oddly easy time. Go SIX WEEK FORMULA and my overactive uterus!! heheheh