Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Braden!!!

Our sweet Braden-boy-o is 4 today!  I can't believe he is 4.  When did that happen?  He is such a blessing to us!  He has a tender heart and he is well on his way to learning to be a true leader.  He is an excellent big brother and learning how to be a better one every day.  He is funny, curious, smart, handsome, fun to be around and an absolute joy to watch.  People seriously take to him immediately upon meeting him.  He knows no stranger.  They always tell us how polite and kind and attentive he is.  What an amazing little person God has given us to raise for him!  
Thank you, Lord, for our wonderful son, Braden.  Please give us the wisdom to raise him in your ways so that he will walk the path You have set before him.  May he be a child and eventually a man after your own heart.  Please give him an endless hunger to know you, Father.  May you use him mightily for your kingdom!  Thank you for choosing us to be his parents.  May we bless your heart by instilling in him everything that you are, capturing his precious heart and raising him with the vision of all that he can be in You.  In Jesus' precious, holy name,  Amen!!! 

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queen of everything said...

hmm, hmm, happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear braden. happy birthday to you. God bless and may you have many many more.